The Pig of God

Experimental, 5'48", Portugal

This short film is Agnes' showreel as a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer.

It is an experimental and imaginative story of a dead pig that was slaughtered in a small village in the spring time. There is an idea that when we start our journey with death, first, we watch our whole life like screening a film, second, we say goodbye to our body, third, our soul walk to the unknown and only at there, we understand everything about life.


Experimental, 3'42", Hungary

This film is a portrait of pain.

The director experienced once a surgery inside her womb without any anesthesia, it was a medical accident. When the doctor's knife started cutting her flesh inside her womb, she was seriously thinking to die. Under the pain, with hallucination in front of her eyes, she remembered a poetry and started talking to herself inside her head. The film is made by fruits.

© 2019 by Agnes Meng