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Music Video


Pastora de Pedras

Urze de Lume

Taken from the upcoming LP "Ventos da Terra Fria".


URZE DE LUME embodies a homage to the past. Inspired by Iberian traditions, their music aims to celebrate the roots which identify a people and bind them to their land. Founded in 2009, the band has recently become the Portuguese flagship for a new wave of like-minded projects currently spreading across Europe, who have embraced ancient ways and spirituality as both a starting point and a beacon for their incursions into Folk music. Their repertoire transmits the surviving soul of an era in which man and nature walked hand in hand, with respect for the land, the occult and its origins. Iberian ethnic instruments such as bagpipes, war drums, horns and various ancient stringed instruments provide the roots that burrow deep into the rich Lusitanian soil to nourish URZE DE LUME’s powerful and unique sound.






Music: Ricardo Brito Director: Agnes Meng


© 2022 Urze de Lume, Agnes Meng.

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